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babybonnie34: It drives me insane, then the people who call feel the need to tell me thier life story when they call
jlyons264: I thought you like that when I call bonnie
so like hello, i'm calling from brooklyn because i was born here 45 years ago wtih my family. like i would like to buy a ... well you see its because my father died 7 years ago and my mother was really ill when she had my sister so then my sister got remarried twice because of it and then her husband beat her so now she's in the hospital and while she's there i'd like to get her a toothbrush holder
sad but true
babybonnie34: do you have any toothbrush holders? you know the gold ones? because her favoroite metal is gold... when she was a kid we always went to the supermarket quarter machines and she always put all her money into the machines getting those fake jewlery things so i know its her favorite that and my mother never got her any because our family life is so messed up and i love her so much i wanna fuck her in the ear
jlyons264: would you like fries with that?
babybonnie34: *bites fist*
jlyons264: oh she likes pain
jlyons264: do you use leather whips too bonnie?
babybonnie34: i hate being in retail
babybonnie34: it makes me want to stick toothpicks under my fingernails then go build a sand castle barehanded while slicing the skin between my toes with paper as i look directly at the sun without glasses on
babybonnie34: because it would cause me less pain
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