nopayne (nopayne) wrote in nyc_fucks,

Snowden EP

Hi fucks.

Snowden, the band I'm in, is gonna be playing a show next month @ Knitting Factory w/ Asobi Seksu & Sons of Sound on November 16. It's being put together by Gothamist Events. The first of hopefully many. Drink sponsors, open bar, yada yada.

We've decided to just give our EP away for free online. We are fucking insane. Yes. Anyone that wants it... take it! They are all newer mixes of the songs, & sound better than the ones on the original cds we pressed. I've made a .zip & .rar archive of it w/ front and back cover jpgs included. You can get it here, your choice:

Snowden EP (.zip) or Snowden EP (.rar)

We're actually encouraging people to put it in their SoulSeek & Kazaa shared folders, post links to it wherever you want, etc. Just help spread the Snowden loving. Please? & Thank you.
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